K9 Pic-A-Poo - The Scoop

K9 Pic-A-Poo - The Scoop

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K9 Pic-A-Poo The best Pooper Scooper ever invented.

The famous K9 Pic-A-Poo has been updated from its' 15 year old design!!  It now has a folding, hinged handle.  It has also been renamed 'The Scoop' which better describes all the various uses for 'The Scoop'.  While it is still the best 'Pooper Scooper' out there, it has always been great at swooping up pine cones, crab apples, cans and just about anything that you don't want on your grass.

The K9-Pic-A-Poo (The Scoop) is a fast and easy to use pooper-scooper. It's lightweight, great for young and old, and made of durable plastic that will never rot or rust. No need to stoop to scoop - the long handle means no bending, and it distances you from the mess.

The K9 Pic-A-Poo (The Scoop) also makes an ideal yard tool! It's ideal for cleaning up mushy crab apples, pine cones, rocks, cigarette butts, pop cans, almost anything you want out of your yard.

The K-9 Pic-A-Poo (The Scoop) uses standard grocery bags, so there's no need for special liners or other accessories.

This product does not qualify for 'Free Shipping' due to the size of the handle.  Due to the cost of shipping, we sell these mostly to customers in Western Canada. We do not ship The Scoop into the U.S.   If you are in Canada and would like us to quote a shipping price, please send us your full street address and the number of 'The Scoops' you would like to order.  Couriers do not deliver to PO Boxes.  Send your request to sales@niftystuff.ca

There is no similar product on the market that matches the research and development of the K-9 Pic-A-Poo.

The K-9 Pic-A-Poo (The Scoop) has been developed to eliminate the problems associated with cleaning up canine "mess" in an orderly, functional and simple way. Pets will always leave a mess, but no longer does it have to be a chore to clean up. The K-9 Pic-A-Poo (The Scoop) means you can continue to take the same pride in the appearance of your lawns. You'll never be in the tricky situation of having to leave a park, or public space without properly disposing of your dog's waste.

The K-9 Pic-A-Poo (The Scoop) also makes for a handy yard tool. Mushy crab apples, pop cans, cigarette butts, rocks, pine cones can all be cleaned up quickly using the K-9 Pic-A-Poo (The Scoop). In addition, the K-9 Pic-A-Poo (The Scoop) uses standard grocery bags, which are always handy.

Canadian made right here in Alberta!  No metal to rust or corrode. No gears to wear out. Nothing to bend or break. Made to last year after year.

The K-9 Pic-A-Poo (The Scoop) is created with you, the pet lover in mind.

Dealer Inquiries Welcome.  If you are a pet store retailer or garden center, give us a call to be the first in your area to sell this unique product.
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