A few things you should know if you have a Softub

March 25 2011

A few important notes about using Spa Marvel® products in a Softub:


Spa Marvel® Water Treatment & Conditioner (the 3-month treatment) works best if your spa water circulates a minimum of 6 hours daily. The Softub only circulates when the water needs to be heated. This is a great energy saving feature, however it does create a couple challenges for those wishing to use an all natural product such as Spa Marvel. The following suggestions will ensure you experience clear, odour-free water at all times.


Help your Softub to circulate more often by opening the cover for a few hours or more whenever possible. This will cool the water and force the pump to come on. Perhaps leave the lid partially open when you are through using the hot tub in the evening, then close it in the morning.


Properly cleaned filters are pivotal to the success of Spa Marvel. Clean your filter weekly using Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner. We suggest having two filters so you can swap out your filter with the clean one from the week before. Follow the simple directions on the Filter Cleaner bottle. Thoroughly rinse your filter after removing it from the cleaning solution. A pressure washer or coin car wash works well and it won't tear the filter. It is best to let the filter dry before the next use.


Add 2 to 4 table spoons of sanitizer weekly. In general, the more the hot tub circulates the water, the less sanitizer you will need to keep your hot tub water sparking clear.



You can view a short video and more detailed information here.

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