Worth every penny (6/5/2012)
We love the K-9 Pic-A-Poo scooper. It is the best out there. We've tried a few with 'jaws' or springs and moving parts but they just don't pickup very well and they are hard to clean.

The Pic-A-Poo is very well worth the money and so easy to use and clean. It is all plastic and can be carried wwith you or brought on car trips.

My mother and I highly recommend the K-9 Pic-A-Poo scooper. We have had it for a while now and it is very sturdy and easy to maintain. I would never purchase another kind. This one was surly the way to go. Very much worth the money and there is no doubt about it. Highly recommended.

Janis - Alberta
Great way to handle the worst job in the world! (6/3/2012)
Although I love my dogs ÊŠll five of them), I hate the fact that they have to poop, and I have to clean it up. For years, I suffered, toting around a shovel and a garbage bag, cleaning up. A few months back, I bought a "clamp type" pooper scooper, and that made the job a bit easier, but not by much. Well, my days of dreaded pooper scooping have been made much much much more pleasant now that I have the K9-Pic-a-Poo. I am only kicking myself for not buying this thing earlier (or inventing it myself).

What it is - The K9-Pic-a-Poo is a pooper scooper, with a twist. The K9-Pic-a-Poo is a made from two pieces of plastic PVC pipe. The handle is over 40 inches long, and it is connected to a larger tub, with a notch cut out to "scoop" the poop. The best feature about this product is that there are no special bags or chemicals to buy, simply attach a plastic bag, such as a grocery bag, to the end of the larger tube, wrap it around the bottom of the handle, and insert it into the notch in the handle, and it is*held securely in place. You are now ready to tackle the poop. Once you are done, simply detach the bag, and dispose of it.

Ease of use - No problem. Simply attach a bag, and scoop. I was a bit concerned about poop that was "ground in", but the notch at the bottom of the K9-Pic-a-Poo takes care of that with relative ease. There is no bending or stooping, and best of all, it works fast, and since the K9-Pic-a-Poo is made of PVC plastic, it can easily be cleaned with a hose and will not rust.

Face it, if you have a pet, scooping up after them is a necessity. Not only is it unsightly, but it is unhealthy. The K9-Pic-a-Poo makes the job simple and relatively painless, and best of all, sanitary. Do yourself ÊŠnd your pet) a favor and get one of these things, it really is a great way to handle the worst job in the entire world.

Dallas - Edmonton
K-9 Pic-A-Poo:Can You Live Without Dog Poop? (4/5/2012)
K-9 Pic-A- Poo is the greatest invention since sliced bread! (Well, almost!)

Although my male Sheltie “Jesse” is an inside dog, our backyard is still his poopie duty ground. That's a problem in our family.

We have six grandchildren that visit and play in our backyard on their swing and with their outside toys. We also have family barbecues in our backyard including the typical family outdoor activities. Beginning to see the problem?

The kids run in and out of the house tracking in doggie poop, so I was forced to implement a rule of removing their shoes before coming back inside. (Mean grandma!) Cleaning doggie poop off shoes and carpet wasn’t an enjoyable task to say the least.

That’s what lead us to shop for a pooper scooper. We needed to keep our backyard clean of doggie poop and protect our carpeting. We had to resolve the problem once and for all before our carpet was ruined. Squished doggie poop tracked inside on carpeting is worse than poop piles in the backyard!

We chose the K-9 Pic-A-Poo because of it’s feature of using common plastic bags and it's easiness to scoop and go. It's a great concept! Just throw the bag away when you're finished!

K-9 Pic-A-Poo is made completely of a durable plastic that doesn't rust and doesn't have any hinges or springs. It's very light weight and easy to use with a long, approximately 48" handle so there is no bending or stooping at all. You can put K-9 Pic-A-Poo in the trunk of your car and take it with you to the park or anywhere you and your dog might go.

K-9 Pic-A-Poo is easy to set up with four easy steps for attaching the plastic bag. You do have to use plastic bags with handles because the bag's handles attaches to the K-9 Pic-A-Poo. (I use plastic bags with handles that we bring home from grocery and discount stores that we save.) And it’s ready to scoop poop.

When the job’s done, simply throw the bag away! No smelly mess at all! You never touch the nasty waste. It’s also great for picking up other debris in your yard too!

K-9 Pic-A-Poo doesn't have hinges or flaps like some scoopers have. It has an open plastic mouth and scoops the wastes and forces it in the plastic bag. That's the only area requiring clean up. It cleans easily with a water hose and is ready to use for the next time.

K-9 Pic-A-Poo has been on the market 13 years. Some cities’ have by-laws that require pet owners to pick up after their pets when walking them and that’s what inspired it’s invention.

I recommend the K-9 Pic-A-Poop to anyone that owns a dog and wants a clean yard free of doggie poop and the flies it draws to your yard. I especially recommend this scooper to any pet owner that lives in an apartment, and your neighbor’s will appreciate it too! The K-9 Pic-A-Poo is ideal for pet owners that live in those cities with ordinance laws that require pet owners to pick up after walking their dogs.

We have to live in our yards as well as our dogs, so don’t live with doggie poop any longer. The K-9 Pic-A-Poo will let you enjoy your yard again....poop free!

JannieO - Texas

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