Chemical Free Hot Tub Using Enzymes

Chemical Free Hot Tubs using Enzymes - is it possible?

Every day I get phone calls and emails from people who want to dramatically reduce or eliminate the use of chemicals in their hot tubs. Most people looking for a more natural and gentle alternative to bromine and chlorine tell me they have a family member who gets rashes or skin irritation after using their hot tub. Some just don't like soaking in 'chemical soup' while others find the smell offensive, particularly if their hot tub or swim spa is inside a gazebo or indoors.

For me personally it was both an incredible rash from ankle to neck within a few months of using our new hot tub plus the chemical smell because our hot tub is inside a 10' X 10' cedar gazebo. I had never, ever been to a dermatologist until I had a hot tub using chlorine, then bromine.

Is it possible to replace most, if not all, of your hot tub chemicals with an enzyme based product? My answer is a definite 'YES'! I've been doing so for the past 10+ years!

Before deciding whether an enzyme based hot tub treatment is right for you, it is perhaps best to learn how enzymes work and the advantages and disadvantages these products offer.



How do Enzymes in a Hot Tub Work?



I am going to use Spa Marvel Hot Tub Treatment as an example of a hot tub treatment which is Enzyme based. Spa Marvel helps you reduce or eliminate the use of chlorine or bromine.  While I have tried several similar products, Spa Marvel has worked better and more consistently than any other product I've tried.

Enzymes in a hot tub or swim spa work by breaking down various types of inorganic contamination, which are necessary for bacteria to live and grow. Such contaminants are body oils, lotions, body sweat and other various contaminants that our bodies introduce to the hot tub water while soaking in our hot tubs. The filter then takes these contaminants out of the water.  Eliminate these contaminants and growth of bacteria is dramatically reduced.  Likewise products such as Spa Marvel rely heavily on your hot tub filtration running at least 6 hours a day ... 8 hours/day is better. 

Enzymes in a hot tub using a product like Spa Marvel basically eliminates the food source for the bacteria, thus the bacteria cannot grow and flourish.

Chlorine and Bromine vs. Spa Marvel

So now that we know how enzymes work in a hot tub work, lets look at the traditional chemicals that have been used in hot tubs for years ... chlorine and bromine. These are chemicals that basically kill everything in sight! Dump in some chlorine (measured amounts of course) and guaranteed, all bacteria and viruses are killed almost instantly. Works like a charm!

Unfortunately, it pretty much kills our skin and reduces the enjoyment of using your hot tub. Fumes, skin irritation, harsh on bathing suits (if you wear them in your hot tub), irritation to your eyes etc.

So the bottom line is, yeah, chemicals certainly do the job ... but are you willing to put up with all the 'side effects'? Not me!!

I have used Spa Marvel for years and can't imagine going back to chemicals, BUT there are some aspects of using an enzyme based product that you definitely need to be aware of.

When should you use Chlorine or Bromine in your hot tub?

Happy hot Tubs are Chemical Free

Spa Marvel and other enzyme based hot tub treatments are not sanitizers. They do not kill bacteria outright like chemicals. For this reason you need to exercise caution. If a family or friend has a rash, skin irritation or some other similar problem, definitely do not allow them to use the hot tub.

I seldom use chlorine in our hot tub but if we are going to have a hot tub party with friends then I'll put in a tablespoon or two of chlorine earlier in the day and again the next morning.

To be on the safe side, it doesn't hurt Spa Marvel if you add a tablespoon or two once a week or if the water gets cloudy.

If you have teen aged kids who bring a bunch of their friends over a couple times a week then I would definitely add a couple tablespoons of chlorine in the hot tub before closing it up for the evening. An alternative is to use a chlorine 'bobber' in the hot tub and shut it down to the very minimum. It will keep the chlorine level at a minimum but enough to ensure any bacteria is killed.  Either way, you are using far, far less chemicals.

When it's only my wife and I using our hot tub a few times a week, then no, I don't add any chlorine unless our water becomes cloudy for some reason, which is seldom.

Whether you add a tablespoon of chlorine in once a week, or just when the water gets cloudy ... the bottom line is, you are using far, far less chemicals in your hot tub.  There are huge benefits to using less chemicals:


  • no chemical odor
  • no skin irritation and rashes
  • water feels more 'silky' and pleasant
  • drain your hot tub once or twice a year
  • no need to shower when you get out of the hot tub
  • pH and alkaline levels tend to lock in so you're not constantly chasing them around
  • your pumps will run quieter and smoother as Spa Marvel removes mineral buildup
  • 1 bottle of Spa Marvel Treatment lasts up to 3 months so you will definitely save money compared to chemicals.
  • for those with hot tubs at their cottage or summer home, if you're not using your hot tub, it will maintain itself for several months with no maintenance. 

Spa Marvel Hot Tub Treatment



Using a product such as Spa Marvel can help reduce or 'almost' eliminate the use of chemicals in your hot tub. You will no longer be soaking in 'chemical soup'. You still must do your own do diligence as it is your responsibility to ensure your hot tub water is safe. Spa Marvel is not a sanitizer so using a small amount of chlorine or bromine once or twice a week may be a happy medium.

Keep in mind also that your town or city may have requirements or recommendations when it comes to sanitizer levels. Unfortunately most have not been updated for years and do not take into account advancements in hot tub maintenance or products such as Spa Marvel

Where to Buy Spa Marvel All Natural Hot Tub Treatment

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Written by: Dale R. Farrier


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