Spa Marvel® Directions

Spa Marvel All Natural Hot Treatment Directions

A 3 minute video by Tim Rodger, owner of Spa Marvel Company, explaining how Spa Marvel works.

Spa Marvel® Cleanser application directions

  1. Use a new filter or properly clean your pleated filter with a product like Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner and replace your spa filter after 1 year of use. If you currently have a new filter, it does not require cleaning prior to using Spa Marvel.

    Before adding water to the spa, allow water to run through the hose for 5 minutes, to flush out mould and mildew that may be sitting in the hose. Refill the spa with fresh water. Ideally, use a Spa Marvel X10 Filter on your hose, so you can start with with good quality water, free of contaminants.
  2. Heat the spa water to your desired temperature. Add one full bottle of Spa Marvel Water Treatment to all tubs up to 500 gallons (2000 liters). Even in smaller tubs, use 1 full bottle as your bather-load per volume of water is usually equal to, if not greater than the larger tubs. (In a brand new spa, add one third of a bottle, the second third in 30 days, and the last third in another 30 days.)

    Occasionally when the Spa Marvel Treatment is added, it can be seen as white strands suspended in the water. This is normal and the Spa Marvel will blend with your water once it has had a chance to circulate.
  3. Balance alkalinity (80-120) and then pH (7.2-8.2), using traditional spa products available from your local hot tub store.
  4. Spa Marvel will work at any hardness level, and given the choice, Spa Marvel prefers softer water over harder water, but this is not a requirement.
  5. Add 1 tablespoon (15 grams, or 1 puck/tablet) of bromine, chlorine, or lithium to your spa water should the hot tub water become cloudy.  See our Spa Marvel Maintenance Program for details.
  6. Allow the spa water to circulate (filter) a minimum of 6 hours per day, and even longer if possible.

    If you have a Softub® brand hot tub, or another type of low-circulating spa that will not circulate at least 6 hours per day, you may experience cloudy water. Please see our webpage to learn how to use Spa Marvel Hot Tub Treatment in your Softub or other low-circulating spas.  Be sure to watch the video!

  7. Properly clean the filters as required, using a product such as Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner.

    The frequency at which filters need to be cleaned is dependent upon spa use. Clean your filter at least once a month, or more often if you have a smaller filter and a higher bather load in your spa. If you have a low-circulating spa with a small filter, and your spa is used by multiple people every day, you may have to properly clean your filter every week. Many Spa Marvel users rinse their filters weekly, and perform a proper filter cleaning every 3-4 weeks.

    Since there are virtually no chemicals in your spa to mask the odours harboured in pleated spa filters, if your filters are not cleaned regularly, you will notice a musty smell coming from the spa. If this occurs, properly clean your filter and add spa shock to eliminate the odour.

    Regular and proper cleaning of the filter using a product such as Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner, is pivotal to the success of using Spa Marvel. After soaking the filter in filter cleaner, it is critical that the debris is thoroughly removed from the pleats of the filters. The water pressure from showers and kitchen sinks is often not strong enough to remove the debris. If after rinsing your filters there is still discoloration in the pleats or if they still smell, then they are not clean. Many people use a pressure washer to quickly and effectively remove the debris after soaking . If you do not have access to a pressure washer, the sprayer at a car wash works well and won’t tear the filters.

Spa Marvel is not a sanitizer, but will drastically reduce the amount of bromine or chlorine required in your hot tub. Spa Marvel is a unique formulation of natural enzymes, minerals and plant extracts. Put simply, Spa Marvel reduces the food that bacteria feeds on, therefore requiring a lot less sanitizer in your spa. The addition of skin moisturizers and conditioners, will make your skin feel softer as you soak in your hot tub.

Spa Marvel® is not a sanitizer. The Spa Marvel Company Inc. recommends that you follow spa water treatment as per local regulatory agency guidelines and use sanitizer as required. Please be aware that you will probably use far less of your favourite sanitizer.

Be sure to checkout our Spa Marvel Maintenance Program.  It will take you all of 10 - 15 minutes bi-weekly to maintain your hot tub and have crystal clear water all the time!

ENJOY Spa Marvel®, the lowest maintenance, completely natural, non-chemical, safe skin conditioning product made exclusively for the hot tub industry!

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