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Report on Mosquito Barrier by owner of (7/15/2010)
I was a little leary when I researched Mosquito Barrier but I thought I would give it a try because the mosquitos are particularly bad this year. It must be all the rain we've had in Alberta.

Last night I sprayed our backyard including the gardens. I was being eaten alive when I was spraying the shady parts of the garden.

Immediately after spraying we ate supper on the back deck. One or two mosquitoes came to visit, but that was it. Unbelievable!

This morning I sat out on the deck. Not a single mosquito was to be seen. Again Unbelievable.

At noon today I took a stroll to the garden at the back of our yard, where I was eaten alive while spraying the Mosquito Barrier. I didn't see a single mosquito.

I know it's been less than 24 hours but so far I'm amazed. Even more amazed is my spouce who was, well, a 'little' sceptical, to put it mildly :-)

Next week we're off RVing. I'm going to take Mosquito Barrier with us and I'll spray our campsite. I'll give you a report on how that worked too!!

UPDATE: July 21, 201 - It has now been a week and there are virtually no mosquitoes in our back yard. This past Saturday night we have guests over. We BBQ'd and spent the whole afternoon and evening outside with no bug spray on. Neither myself or any of our guests got bitten by mosquitoes. We sat back by our garden in late evening where we saw two or three mosquitoes. Normally we would not be able to sit there for the swarms that would come at us. All our guests thought this was nice to be sitting outside with no mosquitoes to speak of and no bug spray on!!

Mosquito Barrier is certainly meeting all of my expectations and more.

I'll keep you posted after we return from our RV trip.

Bye for now ... Dale

Dale - Owner of - Albert, Canada

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