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Customer Service is Awesome! (6/4/2019)
This is my first time using a hot tub and using Spa Marvel. I haven't even used the tub yet and I am already with how patient they were with me using this product for the first time. A step by step breakdown of what to do and how to get the best out of the product. I wish this how all companies treated their clients!

Yes I will return to comment on how great the product itself is in a couple of weeks :)

Allen G -
Love this stuff!! (12/2/2018)
Absolutely love this stuff!! No smell, no more bathing in chemicals!! No more itchy skin. Water is soft & silky. Water is also clear. Have used it before & didn't have to add anything nor change out water for months!! (Like 6 months.) Highly recommended!!

No Name Given -
So far, so good! (6/2/2019)
So far, we’re just a little over a month into switching to Spa Marvel, and it seems to be working as advertised. I’m very happy with how the water feels and it seems to be staying fresh. I add about 15 grams of chlorine once a week and use non-chlorine shock whenever the water begins to cloud over, which has been around once a week(ish). Once shocked, the water clears back up and it’s business as usual. There’s two of us and we use the hot tub daily. The tubs pH and alkalinity has been stable and has yet to require adjustments. Pretty impressed so far.

Bre -
Clear, fresh smelling water and fewer chemicals (5/4/2019)
Spa Marvel is working great for me. My water feels great, smells great and looks great. All while using very little chlorine. Many reviewers imply that the only thing they are using in their tub is Spa Marvel and their water is great. Howerver, this is NOT the correct way to use it. Spa Marvel is NOT a sanitizer and will not kill bacteria in the tub. It is an enzyme that breaks down the things bacteria feed on, but that's it. So it must be used with a sanitizer of some sort, be it bromine or chlorine, to kill any bacteria that are in the tub. That said, I maintain my tub with anywhere from 0.5 to 1ppm of dichlor (chlorine) and the water is wonderful with Spa Marvel. This compared to the 3 to 5 ppm of dichlor that is recommended for traditional use. No harsh chemical smells, no itchiness, no feeling like you have to take a shower when you get out of the tub. The pH stays balanced, the TA stays balanced. This stuff is for real, but you must use it along with a sanitizer in order for it to work properly.

Kevin -
Spa Marvel working in my situation. (11/16/2017)
This is just a short term rating so far. First the tub is a Canadian Spa Co. Swift Current portable spa that is inside a insulated spa house in the yard so is covered all the time. Second only my wife and I use it mainly me on the really cold days in Winter we are in Canada. The tub we have has a recirculating filter pump that runs 24/7 is very energy efficient and filters the water continually. I bought extra filters and change them every Sunday. I normally use the spa once a day for 30 minutes and sometimes twice. We use only bathing suits that have not been washed with any kind of detergent just hot water. I was using firstly Chlorine then switched to bromine sanitation but both times bad skin rashes showed up plus the ph and the alkalinity and hardness and sanitizer levels were all over the place. Switched to Spa Marvel 5 weeks ago and only use non chlorine shock every Sunday after filter change and 1 small Bromine puck in floater at the same time. Result , rash gone, beautiful crystal clear water with the ph and other test levels stable with no messing around with other chemicals. The water feels soft on the skin no prickly feeling and there is absolutely no smell. Like I said only 5 weeks in but so far love this product it is working for my situation don't know how it would work in a party spa situation. I will report in another couple of months in how it is working out but right now I love this product.

Leslie -
5 Stars (10/9/2016)
Great produce supper vendor.

Cliff -
Excellent produit (10/9/2018)
Pour le spa

Marc -
great service (3/14/2018)

Bill S. -
Great Product will buy again online! (10/14/2018)
Great product, fast delivery.

LS -
Happy with product. (6/1/201)
Great product, fast delivery.

Liana -
SPA Marvel Traitement de l'eau et après-shampoing (4/5/2018)
Eviter d'avoir à tester le Ph et l'alcalinité de l'eau

D. -
FAST SHIPPING (10/3/2018)

D. -
AS described (6/3/2019)
Spa Marvel was exactly what you'd expect

D. -
There is no hassle or fuss with this product (6/3/2019)
I love that I don’t have to worry about foam anymore with this product it.

Derrick -
Two thumbs up. (7/5/2018)
I have used this product for 2 years and I am always very satisfied with the results and the longevity of it.

Derrick -
Best solution for hot tubs (2/22/2019)
I have been using Spa Marvel for years instead of bromine. Works as advertised.

Eric -
Easy and safe! (2/22/2019)
Wow this is working. I was suprise when it came because I didn'T realise it was a one time use and good for 6 month kinda thing but it is... I love it.

Tristan -
Easy and safe! (5/15/2019)
We only use this for our hot tub, and will never do without it again.

Sophie -
Marvellous Stuff (5/15/2019)
I love this product, and it works better than any other substance I have used. HIGHLY recommend

Sharon -
Good Product (1/10/2019)
Love this product you use less chlorine in the hot tub

Cam -

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